The Coalition of Commercial Transport Owners who suspended their services on 7th December,2021 Monday morning until the President called the leaders of various transport unions to the flagstaff house for a mutual agreement to scrap taxes on fuel to enable reduction at the pumps.

This has left many commuters who use their services to and from their various destinations stranded. Generational Thinker, Blogger Kobby Kyei, took to his Instagram page to enumerate how then yesterdays Public Transport Service Suspension seems to have affected the economy of Ghana , He took to his Instagram page to write this;

“Trotro drivers have nearly a monopolistic run of commercial transportation because most commuters in the working class in ghana are either average or low income earners and for this reason cannot afford to pay extra for taxi or app services like Uber and bolt on a daily commute to work.
It is not surprising that the trotro driver unions took advantage of the power they posses in the space to air their grievances of what they refer to as abnormal, unfair and unreasonable increases in fuel cost over the course of the year.

The strike action and the discomfort it brought to many commuters also reminded me of the “kuffuor busses”. Just like trotro, it used to be a cheaper means of transportation for many. But it didn’t pass the test of time due to mismanagement and embezzlement of funds by management. Most, if not all of these busses have been left to rot as we speak.

A clear indication of the corrupt and gross incompetence of not just the organization that managed these busses but also successive governments that have failed to supervise them accordingly.

The strike also exposes the deliberate negligence of successive governments to fix other transportation options to ease the burden on vehicular transport/traffic. An option like the railway system will help commuters not only commute under less stressful circumstances but also ease the burden on road transportation in ghana.

It is my hope that these obvious solutions to our transport challenges will be heeded to and applied in fixing it in no time, coupled with addressing the plight of both drivers and commuters by reducing the prices of fuel as requested.

As to the result of this hope, we’ll only get to know in the days ahead.”


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