Back in 2017, Mr Eazi sparked controversy by suggesting that Ghanaian music played a significant role in shaping present-day Nigerian music, leading to a wave of criticism and threats of cancellation from fans and colleagues. Despite the backlash, Mr Eazi recently discussed the issue on the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast, maintaining his stance without regrets.

During the podcast, Mr Eazi expressed disappointment with industry friends who publicly joined the cancel culture instead of offering private advice. He criticized lingering animosity, pointing out that his statement was not as profound as portrayed, and encouraged critics to focus on more substantial matters. He sees the cancel culture as a trendy phenomenon, addressing the crowd mentality that fosters hatred for clicks.

In reflecting on the experience, Mr Eazi highlighted the disparity in attention between those creating art and those being ignored. He underscored the dual nature of love and hate as acknowledgment of one’s existence, considering himself fortunate to evoke such reactions. Ultimately, he expressed dismay at the lack of constructive dialogue and private guidance from those who opted to join the cancel culture.