Award winning Blogger Boateng Fortune Gideon known professionally as Kwami Fortune in a Facebook post advices emerging artists to invest in their career and take advantage of digital promotion.

According to him, you shouldn’t just release a song with no strategy, plan or promotional budget and later blame the industry for not supporting your works because music doesn’t fly on it’s own, it needs a push.

He later added that artistes should consider who they employ or call as a team. They should work with people who understands the music business, have plugs in the industry and not their close friends with little or no knowledge about music.

These came after he received random messages from emerging artists complaining of the media/bloggers not helping them whenever they reach out for free services.

Born Boateng Fortune Gideon, is a Ghanaian publicist, digital marketer and a vfx artist. He completed Ofori Panin Senior High School in 2019 and offered General Science. He started blogging in 2015 and won his first award as the Best Student blogger in 2019. He is currently working with Ishak Spark and many other acts.