Decorated Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie aka Sark has revealed that his mother was a little skeptical about him making it big in the music industry at first.

According to Sark despite the fact that all his family were in support of his music career from the beginning, his mother had different plans for him and so gave him one year to prove himself with the music or quit and concentrate on education.

“My whole family supported it, my big sister was ine of the people who held my hand into the industry. She started making friends in the industry and introduced me to already known names in the artistes. My family made a major role”.

“In Africa, parents don’t see music as a thing to go into because of how some of us turn out when we go into it. My dad wasn’t around it was mainly my mom she played both parts. My mom was very strong and she was really strict,” Sarkodie said in his interview on Podcast and Chill in South Africa MACG.

However, according to the ‘Adonai’ rapper he proved he could achieve big things in music that same year and everyone in the family became proud of him.

“She gave me a year to prove myself if this is what i really wanted to do and thank God it was the same year that I had one of my biggest records….In that same year she was in a Taxi and the driver was talking about her son. She wasn’t aware i was out there. He didn’t believe her when she said she was my mother” Sarkodie