Black Sherif has said that there was a time in his senior year of high school when he had to come up with a backup plan (SHS).

The ‘Second Sermon’ singer said he decided to become a musician after he discovered he was failing to meet scholastic expectations in high school.

“At some point during my Senior High School days I realized that my performance in academics was nothing good to write home about,” he said.

He added, “And looking at my results I saw that it wasn’t good enough and so I knew I wouldn’t do well in my final exams and that’s when I told myself that I need a plan B”.

Blacko, appearing in a virtual interview on Accra’s Asaase Radio, claimed he was set to flunk his final examinations and needed to come up with a plan B.

He narrated “I remember that in my SHS days I used to play beat on tables with my hand for my friends to sing and rap with it so one day I decided to do a freestyle and they loved it so that was when I decided to try it.

“My first time in the studio was somewhere in the year 2019 and the experience was something else and after I completed SHS in June 2019 I decided to venture into music full time,” he concluded.