When Tracy, wife of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, shared a cryptic post amid her husband’s controversy with Yvonne Nelson, it fanned into flame the brouhaha with some insinuating that the said post was a response to the actress.

On the contrary, Mzbel has said the post cannot be associated with the issue because Tracy, over the years, has been sharing Bible quotations and some other remarks on social media.

Mzbel who based her analysis on her experience said her posts were misinterpreted in the past because, at the time, she was involved in controversies but those posts were not responses; rather, a routine.

“From my experience, when an issue between you and someone lands in the public domain, the normal things you have been doing over the period where people paid no attention to, will now be of much concern; they begin to pay attention to such things and try to connect it to the current issue.

“Tracy is known for sharing quotations but just because of her husband’s issue with Yvonne Nelson, everybody is looking at her moves and reading meanings to her posts. In her post, she didn’t mention any name, so, they should cut her some slack,” Mzbel argued on UTV’s United Showbiz hosted by MzGee.

She further argued questioned: “What if Tracy has an issue with someone else and decided to make this post? People are connecting it to Yvonne, meanwhile she’s not mentioned anybody’s name. I don’t think people should be reading meanings to her messages and saying she’s shading her.”

In the last couple of days, Yvonne Nelson and rapper Sarkodie have dominated headlines following the memoir the actress published. Among others, Yvonne mentioned that Sarkodie impregnated her in 2010 and refused to accept responsibility; rather, he drove her to have an abortion.

The rapper has also reacted with a song titled ‘Try Me’, stressing he was not ready to have a child at the time but told Yvonne to keep it. Regardless, Yvonne, according to Sarkodie, said she was in school and wanted to focus on education.

Yvonne in a series of tweets contradicted Sarkodie, saying she was not in school at the time but was waiting to graduate.

What did Tracy post?

Tracy, who had since been silent on the entire development and in the midst of the wild reactions on social media, took to Instagram to write, ‘Proverbs 19:5’.

The Bible verse reads, “A false witness will not go unpunished, and whoever pours out lies will not go free.”

Although it is unclear who the content of the Bible verse was directed to, netizens have linked it to either her husband or Yvonne Nelson.