Black Sherif has shared a cryptic post that there’s no love and everywhere is dark making us wonder what he’s referring to since we know he’s been shown nothing but love.

Black Sharif is one of the talented young artists who is supported so much and shown love in Ghana, Nigeria, and across the globe hence we don’t understand why he is claiming there’s no love and everywhere is dark.

Replying to a post of a friend who said life for his side is dark, Black Sherif agreed with him saying it’s dark everywhere and there’s no love and we can’t understand what he’s trying to say unless he explains to us himself what he means.

Some fans reacting to his comment reminded him that he’s been shown nothing but love since the first day he came to the limelight and the love showed him by Burna Boy and some other artists are what is making him top charts and other things.

Love not in the industry is what most industry players say based on their encounters with some others and for Black Sherif to say the same means he has encountered some people despite all the love given him by fans, he still believes there’s no love.

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