TikTok star Official Starter recently took the Ghanaian market women who recently became an internet sensation on a safari adventure.

This delightful escapade was shared with fans and followers on his Instagram page through a sweet video.

The video captured the pure joy and excitement of these market women as they embarked on a journey through the park.

The happy women who were seated in a safari vehicle watched a variety of animals in their natural habitat, including lions, tortoises, and ostriches, among other creatures.

The market women could not contain their excitement as they witnessed these animals up close and personal.

For many of them, it was their first time witnessing such magnificent wildlife, so it was a great adventure for them.

A few days after going viral with recognition and appreciation from Burna Boy after they joined the singer’s #CityBoy challenge, the market women are now flying on an aeroplane for the first time in their lives and having a time of their lives.

One of the highlights of the safari adventure was when the market women had the opportunity to ride quad bikes.

Their faces lit up with happiness as they mounted the bikes. Throughout the adventure, It was clear that they were having the time of their lives.