#PlayGhana Controversy: Bulldog Criticizes Samini for Failing to Defend Black Sherif Amid Backlash

Bulldog, an entertainment analyst and artiste manager, has voiced his disappointment over the treatment Black Sherif has faced after supporting the #PlayGhana initiative. Following the viral video where musicians advocated prioritizing Ghanaian music during the festive season, Black Sherif has become the target of intense criticism, particularly from foreign countries. Allegedly, a segment of Nigerians has boycotted Black Sherif, who holds significant popularity in Nigeria, surpassing some local artists in fan base.

In light of these developments, Bulldog has taken issue with Reggie Rockstone and Samini for their sudden silence instead of standing up to defend Black Sherif. Bulldog points out that unlike the experienced veterans, Black Sherif, currently at the height of his career, stands to lose considerably if he faces cancellation in foreign countries.

This critique emerged during the ‘Daybreak Hitz’ show when music executive Hammer suggested that Black Sherif should receive protection from the Tourism, Arts, and Culture ministry. Hammer expressed the expectation that individuals like Reggie Rockstone and Samini, who were present in the video supporting Black Sherif, should issue statements to protect him.

Responding to Hammer’s remarks, Bulldog directed his criticism specifically at Samini and Reggie Rockstone, emphasizing the need for them to step up and defend Black Sherif. He questioned why Samini, instead of engaging in Twitter disputes with Shatta Wale, isn’t using that energy to shield Black Sherif from the ongoing backlash.

As part of initiatives to boost the prominence of Ghanaian music, the Creative Arts Agency has urged music producers and DJs to prioritize and play local music throughout the festive season.