Obed Yaoseh is known as a communicator, Event Planner, digital marketer, photographer, social worker, and volunteer in Ghana, I had my second cycle education at Bishop Herman College where I further acquired in dept knowledge in communications at the Ghana Institute Of Journalism.
I am enthused about traveling, art and having fun.

Although In 2018, I had the opportunity to accompany a group of students to a very rural town in Ashanti Region, Obogu and its surroundings, where we mentored, inspired, and taught kids at various levels up to second cycle.

In 2019, we sent another volunteers to the New Abirem in the eastern region of Ghana to serve, mentor, teach and inspire students in various deprived communities, towns like Asuabena, where I was situated had a great indelible marks where I impacted little knowledge I had onto the students I handled.

This, along with others, has given me the greatest value in community outreach with the most experience. This specific student community activity instilled in me a strong desire to work with students below me and, on occasion, my own coworkers who look up to me. I think that as a man, you must know something about everything and everything about something, therefore I strive to study anything I come across since we believe in mentoring individuals that need aid and of their own well-being, and we attempt to influence part of our knowledge to these youngsters.

Not leaving events out, we’ve chalked indelible success in teamwork and voluntarism as I was part of the 2018 Black Star International Film Festival which took place here in Ghana. I volunteered as communication and media personnel throughout with my team lead Kelly.
Also the Ghana Tech Summit where we worked as ambassadors and the team who did the social media live tweeting and posts during the events.
Assisting with the event design and planning layout thus the Gala night held at OSU Castle with the team lead Derek.

I have worked on many personal projects and events over this years which we can’t pen down all on this platform. Get in touch let’s do more.

But Currently, I am on a one year contract at the marketing department with BBC Industrial working under Belo Cida.

As the Main Executive of Infinity Pictures, Lead Executive of Sky Infinity and Associates, Executive of Infinity Foundation, it is my highest vision and purpose to use my expertise in all I do and everything I know to affect, mentor, and encourage young lives to stand strong in accomplishing their ambitions and being financially stable. If we all hold these ideals together, we will be able to create a stronger basis for our own future.

I am ready to contribute my quota to any entity either novice entity or already established that aims to perfect my being and that of others and leaving positive indelible marks in society.

I accept challenges, acknowledging the fact that my capabilities are tested and believe in the value of teamwork.
And I also believe in volunteerism even though it pays no bill in the 21st century.

Welcome to the Yaoseh Obed’s community and we’re happy to meet you, let’s get to business.

Profession: Photographer
Instagram :Infinitypicture_official
Facebook: Infinity Pictures
Contact: +233 24 821 4658

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