During a recent interview on Property FM, Reggie Rockstone expressed his apprehension regarding the apparent neglect of Waakye, a traditional Ghanaian dish. He emphasized the deep roots of Waakye in Ghanaian culture in comparison to the foreign origin of Jollof rice.

Reggie Rockstone highlighted the distinct qualities of Waakye, including its rich flavor, unique preparation methods, and cultural significance. He went on to underscore that, in various aspects, Waakye surpasses Jollof rice. Reggie Rockstone urged Ghanaians to unite in promoting Waakye as a symbol of the country’s culinary excellence, proposing a shift from the ongoing Jollof rice rivalry with Nigeria.

“Instead of engaging in arguments with Nigeria over Jollof, let’s prioritize Waakye, which holds a special place in Ghanaian esteem,” he asserted.

While the debate over Jollof rice between Ghana and Nigeria has been a lively topic, Reggie Rockstone believes it’s high time to celebrate and showcase the unique qualities of Waakye on the global culinary stage.