Multiple award-winning rapper Sarkodie has disclosed why he has avoided working with other record labels.

Sarkodie has been working under his own record label SarkCess Music label for years and has never worked under a record label. Many people have wondered why he has never signed under a record label.

Addressing why he has never signed under a record label, Sarkodie gave reasons in his new rap song titled “Fraud (man) in Suit”. He spoke about how record label deals often cheat artists working under them and also take their freedoms from them.

“There’s always going to be some fraud [man] in a suit, trying to give you some money to stay mute. Always been part of the game, this is not new,” the Ghanaian music superstar spat [Hiphop term for rapping]”.

“How many be real owners? Just a few,” he highlighted the phenomenon of many artists not owning their masters or having as much as they may portray to the public.”

“Buy a beautiful house, trust the view,” he said and warned: “Don’t trust nobody, my [man], trust you. There’s nobody really in the game and that’s true.”

The label business is “a game, [man],” he stressed and noted making one’s own money gives them power to avoid the label scams he earlier mentioned: “We have the money now so [forget] you.”