Controversial entertainment pundit Mr Logic says rapper Sarkodie would not welcome the disadvantages attached to being a diplomatic passport holder.

This comes after Sarkodie recalled a conversation he had with the French ambassador to Ghana, Anne Sophie AVÉ, about artists deserving to have diplomatic passports to “move freely and easily to spread the word about Ghana”.

“As an ambassador for Ghana who is always on the move, I shouldn’t go through a hassle in trying to spread the word about my country,” Sarkodie recounted.

In response, Mr Logic said: “You don’t want to experience the disadvantages of having a diplomatic passport. You don’t want it – it won’t help you,” he told Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz via Hitz FM.

Mr Logic stated that the rapper should prepare himself to be “regulated by the government” since he is asking for a document that comes with stringent conditions and rules, tailored to the holder’s profession.

He went further to state that the rapper would need a diplomatic passport only if he is willing to abide by the strict regulations it comes with.

According to Logic, these regulations include; how to dress, the content of the artiste’s music, where to be at a particular time, and whatnot — and Sarkodie being a musician, these rules might be difficult to follow since he is a commercial artist.

The outspoken radio personality also urged the “Original” hitmaker to focus on acquiring visa waivers instead of a diplomatic passport because the latter wouldn’t be “necessary” to the rapper.

“What he should be asking for should be visa waivers,” Logic said. “I don’t see what Sarkodie would do with a diplomatic passport,” he continued.

Mr Logic is of the view that the demerits of holding a diplomatic passport outweigh the merits — especially for an artist.

The video in which Sarkodie was seen recounting Anne Sophie AVÉ’s suggestion gathered mixed reactions on social media. Meanwhile, the rapper is optimistic that acquiring a diplomatic passport would benefit African artists in spreading the word about their country of origin to the world.

A diplomatic passport, also known as a service passport is a type of international identity document issued by the State defining the positions of diplomats and granting them privileges. It is used by high-ranking government officials to travel internationally with more ease.

It is commonly used by diplomats who are stationed overseas.