Shatta Bandle, the socialite, visited the Ibu family home, his head hung low, meaning he had regretted his actions and behavior. He had come to apologize for his controversial behavior at Mr. Ibu’s funeral, where he had sprayed money recklessly, sparking outrage.

“I was wrong, and I know it,” Shatta Bandle said, his voice filled with remorse. “My actions were disrespectful, and I hurt people’s feelings. I’m truly sorry.”

Mr. Ibu’s widow and family listened attentively, their faces stern but hinting at a willingness to forgive. They appreciated his apology, and advised him to think about the impact of his actions next time he finds himself in similar event.

Shatta Bandle nodded, relief washing over him. He promised to be more mindful.

The family accepted his apology, and Shatta Bandle left with a renewed sense of purpose, grateful for a second chance to make things right.