Ghanaian rap icon, Sarkodie, has recently advocated for compassion and understanding toward young and upcoming artists in the entertainment industry. 

Known as the ‘Landlord of Ghana Music’, Sarkodie shared his thoughtful perspective on the challenges faced by the new generation of artists in today’s media-driven world.

Taking to his Twitter account, Sarkodie expressed empathy for the pressures that young talents encounter as they navigate both social and traditional media platforms. 

He recalled his journey, acknowledging that during his era, artists had the luxury of making mistakes behind closed doors and learning from them without the constant scrutiny of the public eye. 

However, he emphasized the contrasting scenario for today’s emerging artists who are thrust into the limelight from the very start of their careers, leaving little room for privacy and learning from trial and error.

While on tour in the U.S., Sarkodie made a heartfelt plea for the industry and the public to rally behind these budding talents and provide them with the support and nurturing they need. He acknowledged the challenges faced by young artists and urged everyone to approach them with patience and understanding.

Sarkodie empathetically, encouraged everyone to give these young talents a chance to grow and flourish in their careers