Ghanaian comedian, Derick Kobina Bonney, popularly known as DKB, has claimed that a number of ‘boys on the streets’ of Tema have complained bitterly that Sarkodie is rude and snobbish towards them, despite the love and support they show towards him.

According to him, he was at Tema and while hanging out with some of the street boys, they made this shocking revelation to him. He said the boys complained that they have always shown love towards Sarkodie as a Tema boy but they never had that in return.


“I was hanging out with some of the street boys and the way they complained bitterly about Sarkodie being rude and snobbish to them after all the love they’ve shown him as a Tema boy, I didn’t know what to say but to tell them, sometimes we celebs are not in the mood,” the comedian revealed on his Twitter handle on March 20, 2022.

However, the comedian has received backlash from followers of Sarkodie for putting out a tweet that puts the celebrated rapper in a bad light.

@ JavanTyga replied, ”we are all humans, @sarkodie don’t need to help the whole tema for people to see his good side, Sark have other things to do for his family and team. Sometimes I don’t understand why we condemn people for been rude when we all do is to hala them for money.”

@DONWebb72995854 also wrote that  “Fior h) kor DKD dis one is not needed @sarkodie just finishing perorming on the Dubai desert promte and stop all this nonsense from you JON.

@piontednose1 also came through with, ‘essence of this tweet? You could have used same energy to advise them. People should stop feling entitled bcus they support a celebrity.

@alfa_gh also replied that “you can’t be Tema so stop speaking. We still love and support the King @sarkodieand his prince @KWESIARTHUR_ if you are a man tag him.”

The tweet from the comedian seems to have backfired with a number of his followers calling him out for not supporting Sarkodie but rather trying to run him down.