It has been three years since VGMA removed the “Group of the Year” category, but Ghanaian musical duo DopeNation, comprising Michael Boafo and Tony Boafo, are still displeased with the award scheme, claiming that the organisers of the event have been unfair to them.

According to the duo, the elimination of the “Group of the Year” category has impacted their recognition and what they stand for as a group.

Ina recent interview, DopeNation shared their thoughts on the issue, saying, “We are twins, we are a group; that is what we stand for. So musically, when you take that category off, you take away our recognition and what we stand for.”

DopeNation expressed understanding towards the organisers’ decision, but also called for a review, saying, “We are sure they have tangible reasons for that, but they should also look at it from our point of view.”

The duo went on to highlight their contributions to the music industry, including producing and writing for other artists, touring, and releasing their music.

They expressed their disappointment at having to compete with solo artists instead of being recognised as a group and compared their experience with that of being nominated as a group at award ceremonies in other countries.

“It really hurts when another country has an award scheme and they nominate us as a group and we have to fly there to represent the country as a group. Meanwhile, back in our home (Ghana), we don’t have a group category,” they said.

The VGMA board took off the “Group of the Year” category after they said they did not have enough groups to compete in the category.