Accomplished women and young women who are changing lives and lifting the flag of the Volta Region high are expected to be awarded for their great works.
The Volta Regional Summit and awards organized by the Sky Infinity Group seek to recognize exceptional women in the region and also serve as a motivation and inspirational tool for young women to strive to reach higher echelons.

Explaining the rationale behind this initiative, the lead organizer of the event, Yaoseh Obed, said a lot of women from the region have contributed enough to the development of the region and the country as a whole hence the need to appreciate them and encourage them to do more.

The one-day program is in two folds; first is the summit and the second is the awards ceremony. The summit will bring together an all-female top notch industry players from various fields including, politics, agri-business, leadership, entrepreneurship, media and finance amongst others.

This first part will see participants and young females undergoing mentorship, exhibiting their brands, and an opportunity to network with the experts.

Mr Yaoseh further explained that all attendees of the event will learn about financial planning, public speaking, and many more new ideas to increase personal confidence.

Members will have the chance to meet industry experts and influencers in person, as well as network for future team building opportunities.

For the second session, there will be an award scheme which will recognize some industry players and upcoming young females who are making giant strides in their field of work in the Volta Region.

Women in the communication field, Arts/Culture / Entertainment, Politics / Business and Leadership will walk home smiling with an award for exhibiting exceptional leadership in their field.



See the full categories below;

Communication Category

Volta Female Journalist Of The Year
Volta Female TV Personality Of The Year
Volta Female Radio Personality Of The Year
Volta Female Producer Of The Year
Volta Female PR Of The Year
Volta Female Reporter Of The Year
Volta Female Drive-Time Host Of The Year
Volta Female Entertainment Host Of The Year
Volta Female Morning Show Host
Arts/Culture / Entertainment

Volta Actress Of The Year
Volta Female Model Of The Year
Volta Female Film-Maker Of The Year
Volta Female Comedian Of The Year
Volta Beauty Queen Of the Year
Volta Female Author Of The Year
Volta Female DJ Of The Year
Volta Female Musician Of The Year
Volta Poetess Of The Year
Volta Female Fashion Designer Of The Year
Volta Female Graphic Designer Of The Year
Female in Event and Décor Of The Year
Volta Female Choreographer Of The Year
Volta Female Makeup Artist Of The Year
Politics / Business and Leadership Category

Volta Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year
Young Woman in Entrepreneurship
Volta Woman in Education
Volta Female Empowerment Activist
Volta Woman in Engineering
Volta Woman in Agri Business
Volta Woman in Health
Volta Female Organization Of The Year
Volta Woman in STEM
Volta Woman in Governance
Volta Female Executive (CEO) Of The Year
Volta Female Marketer Of The Year
Volta Woman in Vocations
The summit and the awards, which is the first of its kind will take place on the 5th of march 2022 at the Sky Plus Hotel in Ho, the Volta regional capital.

About the Awards

The Volta women awards is a top notch awards program developed by sky infinity to help empower, encourage, motivate and appreciate the works of women in the Volta Region. The awards will celebrate and reward women that are doing well in their field of work nationwide. This awards scheme also seeks to raise awareness of the beneficial impact women have on society and to help women’s accomplishments gain more prominence.

The event as promised is to serve as a springboard for many women who aspire to reach higher heights with their works, efforts and contributions in the Volta region and Ghana in particular. And also to serve as a national platform to recognize the great works of women in Ghana.

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