Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay has shared her perspective on the Grammy awards, emphasizing that winning one should not be the sole criterion for measuring a musician’s success. While acknowledging the prestige of a Grammy, Shay stressed the importance of an artist’s impact on people’s lives through their music. Speaking on TV3’s Showbiz 360 with Giovanni Caleb, she urged Ghanaians to manage their expectations, likening the Grammy hype to that of the World Cup.

Shay pointed out that music’s influence goes beyond awards, citing legendary musicians like Bob Marley and Tupac, who never won Grammys but left an enduring mark on music history. She acknowledged the significance of Grammy recognition but emphasized that it shouldn’t define an artist’s success. In light of the 2024 Grammy nominations, where no Ghanaian artists were nominated, Shay encouraged her compatriots to broaden their perspective on success in the music industry. This discussion arises amid disappointment over the absence of notable Ghanaian acts like Black Sherif and Stonebwoy from the nominations, sparking debates on the support and recognition of the country’s music scene.