Wode Maya wins Ghana’s first YouTube Gold Award

Berthold Winkler Ackon, well known as Wode Maya; it’s far his expectation to change the “colonialist” way of talking about Africa through his recordings.

He depicts his assignment on his YouTube channel as;

He does this through visiting all through the landmass and exhibiting the not noted anyway exciting and elevating stories in Africa.


In 2016, simultaneously as still an understudy in China, he took a video in a transport where seats were vacant close to him and different travelers remained because of his pores and skin tone and the video became famous online. After five years, he was celebrated as one of the Top and Most Influential YouTubers in Africa.

YouTube Creator Awards, prevalently alluded to as YouTube Play Buttons, are a grouping of grants from the American on-line video sharing and web-based media stage, that aim to perceive its most well known channels.

Albeit the honors are given in view of a channel’s endorser be counted, YouTube give them at the its attentiveness. Each channel is checked on sooner than an honor is given, to verify that the channel follows the YouTube people group tips.

The Gold Plague, acquired via Wode Maya, is given to channels which have reached or surpassed 1,000,000 supporters. It is created from gold-plated metal.

Wode Maya has 1.04 million YouTube endorsers as at now