Former slay queen cum Christ ambassador, Moesha Boduong has humbly implored the media to take it easy on celebs with their negative propaganda because it breaks them down most of the time.

Expatiating her message in footage uploaded on her IG platform, Moesha urged the media, especially bloggers, to refrain from using unnecessarily sensational titles.

She claims that celebrities are mentally impacted by the language that mainstream media outlets and blogs choose to use.

She expressed worry that a celebrity’s portrayal in the media often shapes how that person is viewed, stressing how crucial it is to present them in a favourable manner.

While acknowledging the value of traffic, Moesha asserted that bloggers can still reach their goals without using dramatic or nasty headlines.

“I’ve seen some really disgusting headlines about celebrities over the years. I want to encourage you guys to write meaningful captions about us. You guys tear us down and it affects our brand. We go out and we are being called all sorts of names because of what you guys put out there for us.

“We have a generation that watches and learns from us and once you do that to the upcoming ones, it affects the ones who paved the way for us, becoming a reflection”, she appealed.

In the meantime, Moesha is believed to be preparing to embark on a campaign to raise awareness about mental health and why it is supposed to be taken seriously.