The steady rise of Black Sherif’s career from a point where he was unknown to stardom has brought memories to his basic school classmate.

The “Second Sermon” hitmaker used to share a bench with Dede Addo but now shares the stage with stars and dignified personalities.

This has given Dede Addo reasons to recount their early school days, the experiences they shared and now the definite success he has been chalking as a musician.

To celebrate him as today marks the 20th birthday of Black Sherif, Dede Addo shared a  throwback photo that spoke volumes about their humble beginnings and puts into proper perspective how far he has come.

According to her, she feels delighted to see the rise Black Sherif has experienced as far as his music career is concerned.

She wrote:

Time flies in a twinkleof an eye. Looking at this picture brought me memories way back in JHS when you were my bench mate. Now look at you, chasing your dreams,making money and living life. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing you on tv and listening to you on radio.

Wishing you long life, happiness,bigger deals and more cash. Happy birthday #blacko 20 will be exciting Soar higher and stay focused @blacksherif_

Meanwhile, many have questioned the motive behind’s Dede Addo’s decision to share a throwback photo of Black Sherif.

Would she have shared the photo if Black Sherif had not become popular?

These are concerns found in some of the comments the post garnered.

@franswagga wrote: We all have that mate who never go post we but we blow arh them go go search archives and post us. May God bless us all to blow.

@immortal_jones wrote: Imagine if he wasn’t popular, would you have posted him? Sm

@MizDiva wrote: She has done well by keeping receipt of their picture Some even delete pictures they have with you. She deserves an applause rather than criticizing her