In the midst of the uproar surrounding Shatta Wale’s claim of being paid £80,000 for his performance at the Ghana Music Awards UK 2023, Kwesi Ernest, the Head of Events of Ghana Music Awards UK, has come out strongly against Kwasi Aboagye, the host of Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show.

Expressing his astonishment, Kwesi Ernest criticized Kwasi Aboagye’s skepticism regarding Shatta Wale’s payment, labeling it as “total witchcraft.”

The renowned artist manager found it baffling that people were more concerned about the artist’s income than appreciating the organizers’ efforts in bringing Shatta Wale to London.

“I’m shocked. Let the artiste even complain that when he came he wasn’t paid so that Ghanaians would insult us for bringing Shatta Wale to London and not paying him. I haven’t seen it before that someone has been paid for work done and then people are angry. Why should somebody’s salary be a problem? It is witchcraft,” Kwesi Ernest said in an interview with Power FM.



The CEO of Media Excel Productions went on to emphasize that the focus should be on acknowledging the organizers’ ability to pay the artist rather than tarnishing their reputation with counterclaims. He argued that questioning Shatta Wale’s income was irrelevant, comparing it to someone disputing a pregnancy announcement by asking if the baby was theirs.

This reaction stemmed from Kwasi Aboagye‘s assertions that Shatta Wale’s statement about receiving £80,000 was false. Despite Shatta Wale’s public appreciation for the organizers and fans, Kwasi Aboagye insisted that such a substantial payment was unfeasible considering the expenses incurred for the artist’s trip, including visa fees, first-class flights, and accommodations.

Shatta Wale has also come out to vehemently defended his claims and lashed out at Kwasi Aboagye and the owners of Despite Media. However, Kwasi Aboagye remained steadfast in his belief that the £80,000 payment was nothing more than a fabrication.